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February 24th, 2016

The Deus 400 kit is for someone who is looking to fulfil their thirst for flat tracker with ultimate styling. A kit that qualifies as a Yard Built SR400, and is a combination of off-road, scrambler and Yamaha XT500. Known as the Deus 400, this kit is a part of Yard Built project which comes with the advantage of retaining full Yamaha factory warranty. Deus 400 not only adapts the lines from the Yamaha XT500 but also brings back the style and coolness back from the eighties off-road bikes. The kit encompasses many modern technical advancements such as fuel injection, new analogic tacho and many more.


Deus 400 SR kit

The parts list for the Deus 400 Yamaha SR kit includes an aluminium tank with monza cap, aluminium front and rear fender which are all handcrafted. Dedicated saddle in suede waterproof leather and rear RACK, Sc-project full exhaust Type1 under the engine, Continental TKC80 tyres. An off-road handlebar, front and rear headlight, aluminium turn signals, aluminium number plate holders, hand grip, Sprint filter P08WP filter for original airbox and handmade painting by Kaos Design. There’s an upgrade kit also available for ones who wouldn’t mind spending a little more on the kit, like front disc in cast iron by Discacciati (298mm) and many more.

The Deus 400 SR kit is available for worldwide shipping for a price of 4,500 Euro. For more details, visit the Deus website and connect with the brand on their Facebook page.

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