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While growing up, we all have a wishlist made of cars we’d love to own one day. Despite what people say about “not meeting your heroes”, these cars are an infatuation that goes nowhere until the day one actually gets to drives one. For Dorothée Schwartz, the infatuation began when she was 15 years old attending racing events and car meets as spectators. She and her brother used to love talking about vintage cars, dreaming of one day being behind the wheel and in the middle of all the action. Her brother has been racing historic cars for the past decade-and-a-half and in 2015, Dorothée, who is now 50 and mother to three children, decided to accompany him in the car that she had been enamoured by since her own childhood. The Opalescent Silver Blue Jaguar E-type was the car of her dreams that she now drives on streets and country roads of France, known to many on Instagram as The E-Type Diary.

Jaguar E-Type 5

The E-type fits in perfectly with Dorothée penchant for the sixty’s styling and design. It is one of the defining moments of mid-century British motoring that has a perfect blend of period design and engineering that sits perfectly to her liking. Its naturally flowing lines shapes in perfectly the relatively simple packaging. The Jaguar E-type is functional minimalism at its best.

Dorothée got her 1964 Jaguar E-type Series 1 coupe two years ago in 2015 with the intention being clear of how it was thought of while growing up. It wasn’t long that the E-type was registered for the coming year’s Tour Auto. While visiting Retromobile that same year, Dorothée met with the Marketing Manager of Bosch Classic Germany, who shared a common passion for art and design, and the E-type. It wouldn’t take them too long to go from being total strangers to teaming up for the Tour Auto where Dorothée’s latest acquaintance would be her co-pilot as well as her sponsor.

Jaguar E-Type 4

For those who aren’t aware, Tour Auto is one of the most beautiful and prestigious classic car rallies that take place in France. Organised by Peter Auto, the 5-day rally takes classic car drivers across more than 2,500km of the French countryside, stopping over at historic racing circuits that come on the way. It is a mix of competition and timed grand tour that sees glorious vistas from almost ever diverse nook and corner that France has to offer. There is no other rally in the country that can quite resonate the vibe of Tour Auto. It’s the perfect full week of spending time with a group of individuals who love every part of sharing their experiences in all aspects of period-motoring.

Jaguar E-type

Sadly the 2016 edition of Tour Auto wouldn’t go as planned, as the Jaguar E-type would suffer a puncture almost immediately after starting off from Paris. The tour was further plagued as the E-type’s speedometer stopped working soon after, leaving them with no clue of where they were in relation to the other competitors. While the bad news was that they could no longer compete in the regularity category, the positive thinking was that now they could enjoy the Tour purely for its journey.

Dorothée and her brother with the Jaguar E-type at Tour Auto 2017

2016’s misfortunes would be a reason for Dorothée to challenge herself and focus her efforts on next year’s event. For the 2017 edition, she would team up with her brother for the 5-day grand tour. Passing through Brittany, childhood memories would come back from their childhood days when they would come here for their vacations. The 2017 edition yielded better results for the Jaguar E-type, finishing the 5-day tour in 29th position, an impressive second attempt in a group of 120 other classic cars!

Dorothée and her brother with the Jaguar E-type at Tour Auto 2017

Dorothée and her brother with the Jaguar E-type at Tour Auto 2017

As the year comes to an end, Dorothée plans partnerships and sponsorships for the coming season with the E-type. They will be returning to Tour Auto in 2018, but this time in the Competition category as well, where the E-type would go up against other historic cars on closed circuits. Dorothée also plans to take one of her daughters to Rallye des Princesses, extending the E-type’s legacy to a new generation.

Jaguar E-type Jaguar E-type on the French Country Roads 2 Jaguar E-type on the French Country Roads Jaguar E-type on the French Country Roads Jaguar E-type Dashboard Jaguar E-type

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