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January 26th, 2016

And we thought that we had got the best grill out of all the conventional grills available for our barbecues, tuna fish or chicken Kiev. It all starts at least a week before the time when we need the grill, which includes the base of propane stove to everything like charcoal that heats up the meat or taters as per the requirement and taste. After which comes the process of carrying all of those accoutrements and base which later on add up to the process of setting it up at the venue. Now what if we say that we’ve got a grill which is not only convenient to carry but by far is very convenient to use it as well; let’s see how….

This grill which is made out of stainless steel is known as the Esbit Grill. However, make no mistake by its material as this can be folded into a small black nylon bag to carry it anywhere and everywhere; there’s another nylon bag for carrying charcoal as well and both the bags come with a water proof lining. Few of its other highlights are that when it is folded it measures only 3.5’’x9’’x12’’, the grate can be remove and the height can be adjusted in 3 different levels.

Buy: Esbit Portable Folding Charcoal BBQ Grill with Carrying Bag

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