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February 2nd, 2016

As an automotive enthusiast, I constantly am on a find for products that are not only related to my passion, but things that can be actually adored when kept inside the house while still offering some level of functionality that can make them utilitarian around the home or office. Today, thankfully, for people like me, there are many such products which keep popping up here and there on the internet. But some of them are so special that they turn up the want factor by 100. One such is the Espresso Veloce Titanio Formula One engine coffee machine that beautifully combines everyday functionality with automotive art.

The design of the Espreso Veloce Titanio takes inspiration from the 3.0-litre Formula One engines that were raced by Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. The coffee machine delivers a smooth cup of Italian-style joe thanks to an oil filter that double as a grappa reservoir. The coffee machine is made out of aluminium and titanium ensuring that it is light in weight to be moved around. The Espresso Veloce Titanio coffee machine is available in V8, V10 and V12 configurations and are limited to 500 pieces worldwide. While the price tag of $12,999 might seem quite a hefty one, it is still quite minuscule when compared to the price of an actual Formula One engine, that would just sit around and not even make you a great coffee. Buy the Espresso Veloce Titanio Formula One Engine Coffee Machine from here.

Espresso Veloce Titanio Formula One Engine Coffee Machine 1


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