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June 16th, 2017

The design language of cars from the 80’s and 90’s have always possessed a very distinguished character. Automotive design has moved away from the round, curvy designs to sharp lines and recessed lights of today. It is always a fight of emotions between choosing a curvy voluptuous older car and modern aggressive looking newer one. We would love to have the retro looks to gaze at every morning, but the minute you get into the car and start driving it, you instantly begin to hate your decision for the lack of modern conveniences. The ideal deal would be to have the retro looks packaging the car and the modern technology driving it. It’s even better when this combo is available from the stables of the Prancing Horse and add a truckload of exclusivity to it, you end up with the Ferrari Enzo Prototype.

The car was built in the year 2000, during the time when the F50 had turned out to be a total disappointment after the massive success of the F40. Ferrari wanted to get as much development and testing into their new halo car – the Ferrari Enzo to ensure nothing was left to chance. Ferrari built a stretched out 348 body and put it on a chassis made out of bits of 348, 355 and 430, thus the Enzo Prototype came to life. The engine and transmission on the Prototype is same as on the actual Ferrari Enzo. The Hunky V12 and the dual clutch transmission was quite a task to fit into the relatively narrow 348 body, Ferrari had to really stretch the rear out, almost making it look like a 348 on steroids. The stretched out 348 body made the Prototype look deliciously voluptuous, add the wide set exhausts to the mixture and you get an a Ferrari you can lust over all day.

The Ferrari Enzo Prototype is what we wish the real car was, the design has so much more character. Don’t get me wrong the original Ferrari Enzo is a beautiful car on its own, but the minute you have the prototype side by side, the original car doesn’t seem as appealing as it did before. So for the handful of lucky individuals, they can indeed have the best of both the worlds, modern technology packaged in retro looks. Well the expression ‘Having the cake and eating it too comes to mind’, even at the expense of sounding extremely cliche’.

Images via Modena Motorsport2000 Ferrari Enzo Prototype M3 2000 Ferrari Enzo Prototype M3 2 2000 Ferrari Enzo Prototype M3 3 2000 Ferrari Enzo Prototype M3 4 2000 Ferrari Enzo Prototype M3 5

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