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January 9th, 2017

Over the years I have seen and heard some crazy engine swaps, but this one takes the whole idea of plonking a massive overpowered engine into a small chassis to a whole new level. Till now, the craziest conversion that I had come across was this Porsche 911 that had somehow managed to shove a lunatic-ally powerful Formula 1 engine up its rear end. The TAG Porsche above was certainly something very unique, but sadly the extent of knowing the  car would be till those photos as it would in most probability never be showcased anywhere anytime soon. Thankfully, for this current engine swap we are a lot more lucky since the guys at Donut Media have been constantly keeping their eyes wide open and their cameras rolling to properly cover the development of Ryan Tuerck’s project car… which is a Toyota GT86 with a beastly Ferrari 458 Italia V8 engine stuffed at the front. Whats dials the lunacy to absolute sanatarium level insanity is that Tuerck has built this machine which he lovingly calls the “GT4586” purely to go drifting.

The video below created by Donut Media is the first time Ryan Tuerck takes the GT4586 (Toyota GT86) out for a dance at the Willow Springs Racing Circuit. The frankenstein creation is quite a mind-boggling thing to see and off course hear. Enough talk, now on to the video.

Here’s a previous video of the GT4586 firing up for the first time.

Via Donut Media on YouTube.

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