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December 7th, 2015

The “Italian Job” Lamborghini Miura which was voted as the coolest car by top magazines is up for sale at Cheshire Classic Cars. The 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400, driven by a Cockney gangster did a handsome job to avert comparable attention before entering the tunnel in the opening scene in Alps, to meet its sad fate; a fatal crash.

The 'Italian Job' Lamborghini Miura left profile still

It is said that (thankfully), this Lamborghini was not actually thumped into a chunk or a ball of light weight pewter; quite an expensive idea it would’ve been, wouldn’t it? Well, this P400 (the second car) hid itself in Paris during the shooting which was a non-wreck. The first version of which was propelled over the edge of ‘the’ Alps in the movie. One of the key reasons the fans assumed the icon was a complete write-off; never to be driven again.

The 'Italian Job' Lamborghini Miura rear license plate still

While some describe it as ‘the holy grail of supercars’, this orange beauty was bought after hunting it down by two British businessmen. After a tip-off, Iain Tyrrell the joint owner (of Cheshire Classic Cars) paid a visit to Paris after an invitation. Getting only three hours to cross-check and learn that one of the two cars was a total wreck, the other was what he witnessed was in pristine condition; except the paint and the engine which was redone for obvious reasons.

The 'Italian Job' Lamborghini Miura left rear close up angular still
The 'Italian Job' Lamborghini Miura left profile still The 'Italian Job' Lamborghini Miura left headlight close up The 'Italian Job' Lamborghini Miura interior still

However, would one really care about the above when it is not only ‘The Miura’ from ‘The Italian Job’ but will come with certain eccentricities such as its exclusive trim and the stitching which can’t be replaced. Nobody would.

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