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December 24th, 2018

Back in 1967, after BMW acquired Dingolfin-based manufacturer Hans Glas GmBH, they commissioned two working prototypes of the 1600 GT convertible (also known as the Glas GT). Designed by Italian coachbuilder Fura, the 1600GT was given the BMW treatment that involved a more powerful 105hp engine from the BMW 1600, semi-trailing arm rear axle, rounder headlights and a new, redesigned front kidney grill that furthered its appeal as a BMW. Off the two prototypes created, one was destroyed almost then during a test drive, making this the only BMW 1600 GT Convertible example to survive.

To restore the last standing prototype, BMW took help from their apprentices, with supervision from trainers in a restoration process that took more than an year to complete, resulting in this glorious one-off convertible from BMW’s past. The full-restored BMW 1600 GT convertible painted in sliver with a red hood to match its red interiors will now head to BMW Group Classic factory collection. Photos: BMW

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