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December 14th, 2015

To end the year 2015, Porsche has left everyone prying with not-just-another but a killer preview of their swotted and revamped versions of Cayman & Boxster. Both will make an entrance with their fabulous ‘718’ flat-four, turbo-charged engine connect Porsche have been developing since 1970s. Perhaps, the two forth-comings will come with a single fixed-vane turbo charger as an add-on to join the new era of fast motoring world. It is indicated that these were developed and provided by Porsche for German giants like Volkswagen. Finally we’d say, wouldn’t we?

The do-up from Porsche for both will start from their base models with a sweet 2.0 litre, 240hp engines which later climb up to a sweeter 2.5 litre 300hp measurements for upgraded S versions. There’s more, the GTS version will embrace the sweetest 2.5 litre with an enormous number of 370 horses at your disposal.

Porsche’s tease line of the video ‘the legend 718 is about to return’ is inversely proportion to subtly changed designs of both the versions; which are said to be revealed in early 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche 718 with Boxster and Cayman wrapped under coverPorsche 718

Here’s what we await a confirmation for some anecdotes that; the Cayman will be prioritized to promote than the Boxster. You might have to cough up the green paper a little more to park or add the Boxster to your parking. Well, we’d say why keep the confirmations to yourselves when we await more from you with open arms. Are you listening Porsche?

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