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on December 17th, 2015

With so many summits happening internationally to save and / or avoid putting a hole in the ozone, the concept of electric car is one of the verticals the vehicular giants had to come up with; and have they vindicated the idea of electric car keeping the complications to contribute in greener side? Let’s have a look and find out what the year 2016 has to show up on the same note which are not only a bang for a buck but are impressive enough to mollify the petroheads when there other giant manufacturer who are lined up as well.

Tesla’s Model 3

This long awaited electric car from Tesla definitely deserves a mention at the top of our list of electric cars; which is said to be launched in late March 2016 and hit the production a year after the same, 2017 and a full time production in 2018. While Tesla looks forwards, plans and aims to reach a target of 5,00,000 units until 2020. While this model is from the Elon Musk-run electric compound who’ve done a very well job on their much appreciated S and X models it is said to run for a range of around 321 kilometers per charge. There have been speculations that there’s another crossover version of this from Tesla called the Model Y which has fair chance to make an entrance at the same.

Electric Cars 2016 Tesla Model 3

Faraday Future

‘What’s cooking?’ is the first question which pops up when the name ‘Faraday Future’ is one of the points of discussions who are said to envision ‘autonomous driving’ in everyday commuting. Here, not only the car the and its concept is going to be the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the enigmatic Faraday Future, but the elite group of employees who’ve been a part of this hidden project come from various auto giants like BMW, Audi, Ferrari and Tesla itself. The car however, which is said to be ‘future of mobility’ is indicated to be launched in the month of January 2016 which (surprisingly) will be accompanied by several projects from the same.

2016 Electric Cars Faraday Future


While others are following perhaps a strategical pattern to not disclose much detail about their upcoming project’s models, Hyundai plans to do the same by unveiling its all-electric Ioniq at not only one location Korea, but various locations like Geneva and New York. With The reason behind the name has got something to do with the technicalities of the car. ION out of IONIQ represents the charged atom used to induct three options Hyundai has come up with; Electric / Electric Hybrid or Gasoline / Electric Hybrid; whereas ‘I’ and ‘Q’ represents the company’s pledge and motive towards Zero-Emission norms.

2016 Electric Cars Hyundai Ioniq

Citroen E-Mehari

The king of rallying Citroen has the E-Mehari coming in which is inspired by its predecessor Mehari is said to be launched in France. With B-Pillar and C-Pillar roll hoops the E-Mehari from Citroen unique, signature style expressive gaze with dual headlights make a subtle style statement. Here also the electric motor powered by a lithium-metal polymer pack claiming a top speed of around 109 kmph the car promises to run 199 kilometers per charge.

2015 Electric Cars Citroen E-Mehari

General Motors Bolt

This is SUV from General motors is all set to launch in start 2016 to compete with the Teslas, etc. which is also said to be completing a run of 321 kilometers per charge which is planned to go on production in late 2016. One the features which cannot be left for the latter is its DC fast-charging capability to charge 80% of the battery in sheer 45 minutes; which is then followed by a list of features like lightweight aluminum wheels, glass around the vehicle including the roof and wrap around rear window.

2016 Electric Cars General Motors Bolt

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