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December 16th, 2015

The Most Epic Drift Battle Of The Year Features A Mustang And A Lamborghini

Epic Hooning.

Here’s to the end of another year of epic happenings in every part of the world. Towards the end, everytime something epic always comes around… and for this time, there is this epic drift battle that returns to the land of the rising sun – the birthplace of drifting. And how ? by featuring two of the most bullish cars in the business, a fully souped up Mustang RTR driven by Vaughn Gitten Jr. who goes against Daigo Satio who like to run it wild, fast and sideways in a crazy Lamborghini Murcielago drift car, probably the most exotic drift machine in the world.

The two drifting pros and they mad, mad …. mad drift cars choose to battle it out in a abandoned Niigata Russian Themed village and amusement park which is beautiful, and full of exciting u-turns and tight hairpins that put the Habanero – spicing on top of imagining these mentalist cars going sideways.

In the Video Gitten Jr.’s Mustang RTR named the “Aluminator” pumps out north of 550 horsepower to the rear wheel from its 5.0 -litre engine goes to battle out Daigo’s insane Lamborghini Murcielago sporting a naturally-aspirated 650 horsepower V12. There is no part of this you would want to miss out.

Watch the mad #BATTLEDRIFT down below:

H/T: autoevolution

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