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July 1st, 2017

The 1979 Formula One season was pretty much the year for Ferrari. The scarlet team took 1-2 in the 1979 Formula One driver’s championship with winner Jody Scheckter followed by Gilles Villeneuve. While this was the last time that Ferrari would take the Driver’s Championship till 21-years later when Michael Schumacher would pilot the team to victory once again in 2000, one of the most incredible battle for second place took place on June 1, 1979 during the French Grand Prix.

The 1979 French Grand Prix took place at the very fast Dijon-Prenois circuit, the very same circuit that recently held the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or (100+ photos). It was a all-French front row in the form of the two turbocharged Renault R10’s piloted by Jean-Pierre Jabouille and RenĂ© Arnoux. The turbocharged Renaults were in top form and Jabouille immediately took the lead. But the most incredible racing action came in the final two laps of the race where Arnoux, after having a bad start, eventually caught up with Villeneuve and a battle for second place ensued. While Jabouille won the 1979 French Grand Prix, it was the wheel-to-wheel action between Villeneuve and Arnoux that got fans on their feet, utterly entertained. Watch the last couple of laps below yourself and relive one of the greatest battles in Formula One till date.

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