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One of the most well-kept and beautifully restored racers from the past – a Norton Racer ES2.

Manufactured for almost four decades starting from 1927, the Norton ES2 was the British company’s single cylinder long stroke sports offering. Even after the arrival of much powerful and modern (for those times) rivals, the bike remained famous owing to its reliability, build quality and an overall ease of use. Though the long stroke (79mm bore, 100mm Stroke) single cylinder engine remained largely unchanged throughout its production, it was the bikes chassis that kept on evolving with the times.

Norton Racer ES2 (3)

The Norton Racer ES2 you can see in these pictures belongs to the last of its kind of motorcycles that were produced during the 1961 to 1964 model years. These bikes had the company’s Featherbred Slimline frame along with much slimmer tank than the traditional ES2. Now, one of these rare classic Norton ES2 motorcycles have arrived for purchase at Legend Motors. Legend Motors, a tiny but great shop based out of the premium market streets of District of Lille have a great experience with vintage and classic motorcycle restoration and selling for collectors. They say that this particular Norton Racer ES2 was owned by one of their friend, Damien for almost five years who had maintained it meticulously.

Norton Racer ES2 (1)

The bike was restored and carefully assembled in Britain and is said to be in an outstanding period-correct form as it stands parked at the Legend Motors. This newly French registered bike can be had along with its whole ownership and maintenance history and those who are willing to have a look at this racing machine from a distant past, will have to shell out around EUR 14800 ($17400) for it.

Norton Racer ES2 (2)

Norton Racer ES2 (4)

Norton Racer ES2 (5)

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