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December 15th, 2015

The Ressence Type 5 divers watch is the latest addition to Ressence’s lineup of beautifully crafted watches with a unique inner working. The Type 5 elaborates on the functionality of the diver’s watch. While most diving watches are heavy and bulky, the Ressence Type 5 tackles this situation with a very innovative approach. Not only is the watch crystal clear to read under any sort of underwater situation, it also comes with a dome shape that takes inspiration from a turtle’s shell that makes protects the watch from imploding under the pressure of water.
Ressence Type 5 Watch

Yes! While the set and wind feature makes this type 5 a user-friendly watch, the technical co-ordinates which are also quite in place such as the hour, minute and temperature gauge along with the runner display, resemble the company’s previous Ressence Type 3, including its innovative magnet and oil-filtered chamber. Interestingly there is a temperature gauge and uncompressed oil in one of the two chambers of the watch who go hand-in-hand. Because this oil is not compressed, it tends to expand and contract due variable temperature behavior; thanks to the internal bellow system as well which acts as an intermediate in between these two. The range of the temperature shown in the gauge is from -10 degrees to +40 degrees Celsius. This is all embraced by a rotating bezel which is caught in between the NATO-style strap.

Ressence Type 5 Watch 6 Ressence Type 5 Watch 1

While this watch has been tried and tested by not only the company but the people and fans around the world, the quality of not letting the surface-light of the water above (with the watch on) reflect, is one of the reasons it said outnumbers the submariner.

Ressence Type 5 Watch 4

The second sub-dial which is one of those first things you’ll notice and wonder, is for a updating the user that the watch is working under water. It not only rotates once every 90 seconds but supports crucial parts (like magnet) in the watch as well to keep the watch clicking giving that extra bit of confidence while diving.

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