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January 3rd, 2018

In 1956 Royal Enfield collaborated with The Motor Cycle magazine to build a motorcycle that would be as aerodynamic as technology of the time would allow. Based on the Royal Enfield 350 Bullet, the Royal Enfield Dreamliner was an experimental motorcycle that added an enclosure to the front and rear of the Bullet to make it more aerodynamic while reducing drag. The result was a motorcycle that while resembled a flying car on the roads, was able to reduce fuel consumption by a 35% due to its low co-efficient of drag (0.66), while improving top speed over the standard Bullet by about 11%, despite the 45 pound (20 kg) weight increase. The fairing of the Royal Enfield Dreamliner was designed in such a way that it was easy to install, and took two people just about a minute to completely remove. By 1959, the company started to put these fairings into production to sell though their showrooms as the “Airflow” fairings that promised better aerodynamics and protection from the elements while also improving fuel consumption. Image source.

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