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September 25th, 2015

Its a good thing that Samsung, along with their Samsing VR headset, updated their devices to new better-looking ones that don’t give the feeling of holding recycled plastic in your hand. Their 2015 range is quite a farewell from the usual Samsung build quality and features tons of glass and metal, instead of plastic. So now, owning a Samsung phone isn’t going to be so ostentatious … and in fact, things would get quite interesting and intense since the company plans to launch their very own VR headset for the consumers.

The Samsing VR headset is the company’s upcoming virtual reality device that can house¬†any of the Samsung’s 2015 flagship phones inside, ready to deliver a punchy virtual reality experience.

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset Side

The consumer version of the Samsing VR headset would be available this November for an astoundingly low price of $99, half the price of the previous “Innovator Edition” headsets that were purely for developers and testers. The new model is also expected to be 22-percent lighter than the previous model and has improvement to enhance the look and feel, as well as the overall comfort and ergonomics.

So, if you are already on the Samsung flagship 2015 bandwagon, then you are in for a treat. But if you aren’t … well there are some tough decisions coming your way by this year end.

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