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January 23rd, 2016

When on a motorcycle, there is nothing more important than the right motorcycle gear. Afterall, its the gear that saves lives, protects scarring and makes you want to get out in style, feeling special. So an important part when taking care of your motorcycle gear is the way you store it too. For the same, here is a beautiful minimalist design helmet rack from Threepence called The Solo. The Solo Motorcycle Helmet Rack By ThreepenceThe Solo motorcycle helmet rack is a three-stage rack that can store one’s helmet, jacket/gloves and bike keys. Stuck to a wall, the rack allows easy and quick access to motorcycle gear on the move. Staying true to the style of motorcycles and two wheels, The Solo is constructed from a 530 motorcycle chain that is then fastened to an oak board that can be mounted on the wall.

The Solo motorcycle helmet rack is available in a  variety of options from Threepence. The basic version is a DIY option called The DIY Solo which only comes as a chain and is available for a price of $69.99. The second version is The Solo, which is best suited for the complete needs of a motorcycle rider (our favourite too). This one can be bought for $150. Threepence has also created special options for those who in a duo with the Double Stack and His and Hers Rack that are capable of mounting two helmets at once.

The Solo Motorcycle Helmet Rack By Threepence Two The Solo Motorcycle Helmet Rack By Threepence Front

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