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December 31st, 2015

Not bringing along the top 10 cafe racers from 2015 will not do justice to the year ending. And even though it was a tough thought process up there to collect the top 5 of them. Leave alone the fact that it was very hard to convince that part of our which acted like a child who wants to hold all the toys in his or her arms at once, the rest which were introduced during the year by ColumnM were also no less than drop dead gorgeous to drop our jaw. Hence, without any further ado *drum rollls* here are the ‘Top ten cafe racers from the year 2015’.

Yamaha XJR1300 ‘Small’ by Motorrad Klein

Yamaha XJR1300 by Motorrad Klein Right Side

Second in the ‘Top 10 cafe racers from the year 2015’, we have a cafe racer built by a German builder Motorrad Klein who has drawn inspiration from the Noriyuki Haka’s WSBK motorcycles paint scheme and has proved the metal of the bike with a right stature. This by far is said to be the ‘small’ bike with an ironical gesture because of the fame Yamaha had got with its lengthy line-up of its own yard built XJR1300. However, obviously contradicting to what the gesture is, Yamaha has a lot to offer to the curious builders than what this ‘small’ could if it would have been really small. Here’s a more extensive look.

Suzuki SV650 by Claymoto

Suzuki SV650 by Claymoto

Third in the ‘Top 10 cafe racers from 2015’ termed as the nest generation cafe racer, the maker Nick Gravely who is based out of Munich must’ve not believed in traditional looking cafe racers; a mere resemblance of which is proving it all, including this next-level cafe racer. One of the major reasons you may say is the way and the material used in the same, which is clay, but considering that and giving the bike an extra look really makes you go through a ‘nada’ thought that there’s really something else about this bike which has been built by this builder from a scratch. Apart from clay, the body is made from fibreglass, with not many changes in the engine. However, it carries a tank which fills in 6 litres of fuel when hungry (and the rider, thirsty!), with ethanol resistant GRP and steel frame inserts. More on the machine here.

The Hyperroad Ducati Multistrada by Ad Hoc

Ducati Multistada 1200 by Ad-Hoc

By the difference you would be able to make the volume of manpower taken by this transformation; though this is more of a non-urban attitude. Barcelona based builder Ad Hoc that used the sub-frame decided to keep the seat very small and tight to the trellis frame. For more images and details on this build, click here.

Ducati 848 by Apogee Motoworks

Apogee Motorworks Le-Caffage Ducati Right Side Profile 2

The ‘La Caffage’ created by LA-based Apogee Motoworks is one unique looking machine that deviates from the norms of how a cafe racer usually looks like. Its compact, futuristic, bold and definitely unique from any angle that you would want to keep your gaze on.

Huge Moto Honda CBR1000RR

Huge Moto Honda CBR1000RR Front Right Side Profile

When we mostly talk about cafe racers based on Japanese motorcycles, its generally the ones that are at least two decades old. But in anyways, that is no thumb rule to judge a cafe racer, as this Honda CBR1000RR certainly in no doubt is one of the best looking machines this year. The designer Bill Webb is making these cafe racer kits that can be directly bought and installed on the litre-class CBR machines. More on Huge Moto here.

Sacha Lakic’s CX500 Cafe

Sacha Lakic Honda CX500 Cafe Racer right side with designer

Luxembourg- based designer Sacha Lakic takes one of the most intense Honda V-twins that ever came to life and converts it into a minimal design with maximum focus on the engine. The result is this beautifully finished product that feels cleaner than something coming fresh out of the production line. For more images and text, click here.

Ducati 900SS “J63” By Revival Cycles

Ducati 900SS SP J63 by Revival Cycles Right Side Profile

This build is a perfect resurrection of a old, battered down Ducati 900SS restored to full glory and more with the help of some of the best parts available in the business and beautiful craftsmanship in creating the delicious bodywork. For more images and text, click here.

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