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October 7th, 2016

The Triumph Street Cup Makes Good-looking Cafe Racers More Affordable

If you want a cafe racer that has a Triumph badge on it, now there are three options. For those who are looking for a larger engine, more power and performance, Triumph’s updated Thruxton range is perfectly suited. But the British manufacturer hasn’t forgotten about the lower end of the segment who too want a classic-styled cafe racer without completely emptying their wallets. Enter the brand new Triumph Street Cup.

Triumph’s new Street Cup is full £2,100 ($2,600) cheaper than the base Thruxton 1200. The reason is that it is based on the company’s more accessible Street Twin motorcycle that features a 900cc, 54bhp, liquid-cooled, parallel twin which is more frugal too. For someone who is looking to enter the world of modern-cafe racers, the Street Cup is a perfect motorcycle to start with. It is cheaper than BMW’s cafe racer, and actually the only option if you are looking at something in the £8,000 ($10,000) price range. That being said, the Street Cup comes with all the same goodies that the Street Twin offers such as, ABS, switchable traction control, ride-by-wire and a torque-assist clutch, even a USB power socket to power your beard trimmer, if you want to.

2017 Triumph Street Cup

2017 Triumph Street Cup

Triumph’s Bonneville family has seen tremendous growth in the last couple of years, so it was obvious for the British brand to extend their offerings in the modern classic segment. Triumph is actually doing a great job of mixing and matching existing motorcycles with new parts that would create a completely new motorcycle. In the case of the Street Cup, Triumph has used the same fuel tank from the Street Twin while swapping out the seat for a bullet seat and adding a seat cowl. The handlebars are new too, now featuring the dropped “Ace cafe” styled bars. The footpegs and twin gauges are taken from the bigger Thruxton. While the base motorcycle is still the Street Twin, the Street Cup has a completely new riding stance that puts the rider further back and crouched lower on the motorcycle. The cafe racer stance here is absolutely bang on.

While the Triumph Street Cup is an entry-level cafe racer in the company’s modern-classic range, it by no means looks the part. Every bit on the motorcycle feels polished and well-built and if you go anything by the reviews of the Street Twin on which it is based, there is lots of good news in the way the engine delivers power and the motorcycle’s overall handling too. We could expect the handling to become a bit better with the new ergonomics which puts more of the rider’s weight on the front for better feedback. That said, the Street Cup won’t be a motorcycle to go racing with, but rather a very nice motorcycle for a weekend ride to the canyons as well as a very stylish motorcycle for the streets. I really hope that Triumph can capitalise on the opportunity that it offers with this motorcycle by offering more accessories and kits that people can easily upgrade their motorcycles with.

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