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January 27th, 2016

The Ultimate Land Rover Defender Tribute.

In the post- World War II days, when the world was upside down and there was a need for more headstrong thinking, the Maurice Wilks of the Rover Company of Britain came up with an idea of creating a machine that was suitable for any sort of use. A utility vehicle that could go anywhere, do anything from agriculture, to moving almost anything that could be moved. The vehicle he created was a cross between a light truck and a tractor and was handmade out of aluminium and magnesium alloy to keep the whole structure lightweight. The Steering was kept in the centre, like a tractor. This was the first step towards creating a new niche of automobile, what we know today as the Land Rover.

The beginnings of the Land Rover were quite humble, and the company never imaged that it would become the icon that it is today. The Series I was the first which came out in 1948, a vehicle that started a revolution in the history of off-roading vehicles. Over the years, the Land Rover kept gaining popularity as the Series II, then the Series III… and all the way into the 1990s when i was re-badged as the Land Rover Defender. But no matter what the badge on the back said, all the cars were always build on the same essential concept – a machine that was relatively uncomplicated, that could go anywhere and carry almost anything that was thrown at it.

The Land Rover Defender is an icon, a piece of automotive history that will never be forgotten. With time, there have been many who have tried to replicate the ideology that is the essence of Land Rover. But none of them have been as successful or have been able to rise to the same pedigree as Land Rover.

2016 is a sad year for automobile history, as this week will see the final production of the Land Rover Defender – a off-roader that has shown the world how to adventure. This beautiful video created by Bearded Lady Media brings out the nostalgia behind the 67-year old Land Rover Defender. By the end, it leaves a tear rolling down the eye and a lot of goosebumps just imagining what the world would have been without this motoring icon.

67 Years – The Ultimate Land Rover Defender Tribute

67 Years – The Defender from Bearded Lady Media on Vimeo.

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