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February 22nd, 2018

During the late 1960s GM was looking to reduce shipping cost on their Chevrolet Vega that had to be moved to dealerships across the country via rail roads.
General Motors Chevrolet Vega Vertical Boxcar Transport 1
The maximum a boxcar would hold was 15, so General Motors and the Pacific Southern Railroad decided to design their own vertical packaging boxcars called Vert-A-Pac that could vertically carry up to 30 cars at a time, reducing transport charges per vehicle by 40%.
General Motors Chevrolet Vega Vertical Boxcar Transport 2
The Chevrolet Vegas were topped up with fluids so that they could be unloaded and ready to drive to the dealerships. To prevent fluids from leaking, Vega engineers had created a special engine oil baffle that stopped oil from entering the cylinders. Batteries had filler caps located higher to prevent acid spills and the the carburettor float bowl had a special tube that would drain the gasoline into the vapour canister during shipping.

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