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“This night ain’t for the faint of heart”… was the voice inside my head after reaching the top of Sela Pass on my Royal Enfield Motorcycle, located at 4170m (13,700ft) in the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh. I opened the map and whispered to myself “Am I really here?” Far from home at an altitude high enough to freezing the spine with the mercury at -12-degrees, I was enveloped in snow… but still the frozen Sela Lake looked like a dream sequence from Narnia. This all was quite a lot to process!

After my solo trip to Ladakh last year on the Royal Enfield motorcycle, I was hooked to any and every place that lay high up in the Himalayan mountains. Since then, I have been craving for those rough roads and incredible landscapes. Just a week before I was planning out this amazing road trip to tame the crown of Arunachal Pradesh, and now I was here! Covering 6,000 kms from Pune to the wilderness of north-east India on my Royal Enfield Motorcycle was everything I dreamt of, executed to perfection. I had started to like my routine cliche, yet amazing, sleepless nights. Finally, the last of those troubled nights was here and my Royal Enfield Classic 500 was ready for its mission.

Royal Enfield Motorcycle

The serene fields of Andhra Pradesh are a treat to the thirsty eyes. Rover (my Royal Enfield Desert Storm) and I took a detour from the highway and decided to sink in the beauty of the country side. We always have time for some green grass where the Rover pops out from the scenic landscape!

Royal Enfield Motorcycle

“Never miss a sunrise and sunset, for they speak of you” were the words from a wise man that drew me aside from the peaceful village tarmac of West Bengal. The paddy fields backlit by the ever changing shades of yellow is so rejuvenating.

Royal Enfield Motorcycle in Ladakh


Finally, the itch for an adventurous ride was scratched upon by the treacherous roads of Bomdila on a Royal Enfield Classic Motorcycle! The notorious road is famous for its steep drops and sky touching curves. “How the hell did BRO (Border Road Organisation) manage to carve this thing!”, I wondered as my finger went on pressing the camera shutter button.


Sela Pass Road Side Tapri

As Rover and I started ascending the mighty Sela Pass, the temperature started falling like a ball dropped from the sky. We were dealing with sub-zero figures which got worst with every kilometer. While I decided to take a break at a road side tapri  and heat my frozen hands, the shopkeeper saw my misery and offered me some hot water. People here are very true to their heart and will make you feel homely.

Sela Pass

A lovely landscape calls for some selfies and surely a pee pee break! As I started nearing the Sela Pass, the fairy land seemed more and more real with every kilometre. Behind me is a gigantic frozen waterfall that stretches upto 100 feet. It was truly mesmerising to see such an incredible phenomenon.


The game of Chungi  is no different than football except it requires some serious concentration to toss that little bugger without missing it. I had a gala time playing with these little monks and shared some giggles by making a fool out myself. Thanks to my amazing Chungi skills !


The monks here are so caring and helpful. After taking this picture I was served with Yak butter milk to keep myself warm ! I can’t say my taste buds enjoyed the beverage but it surely helped.

Pangateng Tso Lake

The beautiful Pangateng Tso lake was worth spending some time and wetting my pants ! (I pray you get the pun). Sitting there alone with the snow flakes floating down like a feather was truly dreamy, and I never imaged the Royal Enfield Desert Storm could take you to such places. Nirvana indeed!

Image source – Akshay Milind Jadhav (Riding Nomad)




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