November 16th, 2016

There’s something oddly-satisfying about air cooled Porsche Rally cars

Air cooled Porsches will always get the hat-tip before the their modern counterparts. But now days, they seem to be almost everywhere. Not saying that that’s a bad thing, but their charm has gotten more and more repetitive, unless it’s something as special as the ones coming from the atelier of Singer. But what you don’t get to see that often is a air-cooled Nuenelfer that has been built specifically to handle the dirty stuff. If you have seen this particular example that was documented beautifully by /Drive, you would understand that these air cooled Porsches are really something special when they are taken off the road, no matter in what state of tune you get them there.

Slideways – The Rennfilms profile of Jim Goodlett from Rennfilms on Vimeo.

Jim Goodlett is another air-cooled Porsche enthusiast who saw his car dreams come to reality at a later stage in life. He grew up fascinating about cars and playing with Hot Wheels while watching the Auto races with his father. It was much later during his life that he would meet his hero car, a 1978 air-cooled Porsche 911 rally car that blended his love for automobiles and rallying. For Goodlett, the rally Porsche would bring back memories of the East African Safari rally where similarly tuned Porsche’s were been driven across continents.

Not everyone would approve of taking a perfectly good air cooled Porsche and building it into a machine for roughing up around a dirt stage and a bunch of trees. But for those few who do, they would instantly approve of the outlaw machine at play here, that drifts away from normality for the greater good of everything that’s oddly-satisfying about motoring.

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