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December 27th, 2015

These are one of those times when you’ll get to come across a lot of best from the year; Bluetooth speaker being one of them from 2015. Listening to music has no doubt has always been a replacement for coffee or sorts, why not. That too when it comes to options like listening to your favourite numbers on wireless (Bluetooth) mode. Hence, here you go:


JBL Flip 3 Portable Speakers

The Flip 3 comes with tons of features that include noise and eco cancellation, splash proof body and the ability to pair multiple units together to make for more sound. The speakers promise sound enough to fill up an entire room and a decent 10-hour battery life out of its in-built 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery.

Logitech X100

Logitech X100 Portable Speakers

The all new Logitech X100 is as easy as carrying it in your hands to even answer your calls via Bluetooth, compatible with mobile and tablet the single unit channel speaker comes with a battery life of 5 hrs per recharge. Featured in grey colour, this speaker does not come with memory card slot; which further is however compensated with the fact that the total power output RMS is 1.5 W. Buy

Philips BT50A

Philips BT50A Portable Speakers`Philips BT50A Portable Speakers

The can-look-alike Philips BT50A does not fail to fit in an average human’s hand to enjoy music at its best as the quality of the sound is intact; thanks to the 3.81 cm driver and a built-in amplifier and Anti-Clipping ensures pure output of music without distortion and affecting the loudness. While its Bluetooth is compatible with A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP the player is backed with a strong Li-Po battery for non-stop 6 hrs of music.

 Zoook ZB-Boom

Zoook ZB-Boom Portable Speakers

This chic looking Bluetooth speaker dins a French technology with loads of features like Bluetooth HD speaker, handsfree calling with super sensitive mic, superfast charging in 3 hrs, support micro SD card, striking play mode indicators, humongous 1800 mAh battery, 2 driver units with 2’’ full range drivers along with 1 passive radiator for crystal clear HD Sound Quality and many more….

PowerXcel Powerplay

PowerXcel Powerplay Portable Speakers

With its ginormous 2600 mAh battery for a palpable feature that it is compatible with audio player, computer, gaming console, mobile phones, musical instrument television, tablet, etc. this player charges itself with a AC adapter and a USB charging cable as well. Even though the physical damage to the product is not covered n warranty, the company has ensured the does not happen because of it robust design. Even though it does not have a memory card slot, the controls are so beautifully designed it has to have on-looker look twice.

 Bose SoundLink Mini2

Bose SoundLink Mini2 Portable Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Mini 2 takes advantage of its sleek and compact design while still packing quite a full, punchy sound. Unfortunately, unlike some of the bluetooth speakers that have come out this year, the SoundLink Mini 2 cannot be paired with another speaker to create a party play sort of thing. Buy

CB3 Ultra Slim

CB3 Ultra Slim Portable speakers

The CB3 is one of the most slimmest speaker designs that have come out this year. Apart from being quite well-designed in an aluminium unibody shell, the CB3 is also one of the cheapest speakers in our list and costs just $50. In the sound department, you can expect semi-full sound from its dual drivers, but unfortunately due to the thin form factor, there isn’t much home for a solid bass effect. Buy

Wren V5USWren V5US Portable speakers

The V5US offers a range of connectivity options that range from Bluetooth to AirPlay and Play-Fi. Multiple speakers can also be configured together to establish a solid multi-room setup. The size means that there is more space to install better and bigger drivers that deliver a fuller sound and bass. But the absence of a battery make it clear that the Wren V5US wouldn’t be the best bet for someone looking for portability. Buy

Riva Audio Turbo X

Riva Audio Turbo X Portable speaker

The Turbo X is one of the most solid bluetooth portable speakers for 2015. Offering a solid battery life, the Turbo X is also waterproof, making it a great companion for outdoor trips. And unlike most of the speakers, the Riva Audio Turbo X can be connected to a laptop or a powerbank via USB to charge, which is great news when you are away from an AC power source. Also featured in our Best Travel Gear 2015 Guide

TDK Life On Record Trek Max A34

TDK Life On Record Trek Max A34 Portable speaker

Like the Turbo X, the Max A34 too is water and weather proof while offering a great full-sound and the option to charge it via USB. The battery life is mediocre compared to some of the other options, but the A34 provides some excellent connectivity options that include NFC too. Part of our Best of Travel Gear 2015 Buy

Bose SoundLink Color

Bose SoundLink Color Portable Speaker

The SoundLink Color is one of the most affordable products in the Bose range and features solid loud sound with a decent, up-to 8-hour of battery life and wireless connectivity option. The speaker also charges up via USB. Buy

House of Marley Chant

House of Marley Chant Portable Speaker

We have covered the Chant Mini in our “best tech this week” before, and here they are again making their return as one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers for 2015. These speakers are constructed from some of the best material choices around, making them feel very premium, yet hipster, all at the same time. The sound is full and the speakers have great outdoor portability with an option to clip them up via a carabiner to the backpack. Sweet! Part of our weekly tech update. Buy

Philips Fidelio

Philips Fidelio Portable Speaker

While the audio output coming out of the Fidelio is rich in base, full and well-balanced, the speaker in itself is quite heavy, weighing in at 1.3 kg. If you don’t mind carrying around the extra weight, then the Fidelio is one of the best sounding speakers there is. Buy

Ministry of Sound Audio M

Ministry of Sound Audio M Portable Speaker

The Audio M is a perfect bookshelf bluetooth speaker that has a balanced sound that is not over the top on the bass (as one would expect from the parent company). While so, the speaker’s dimensions might make it a bit difficult to fit in a rucksack and the battery life is not the greatest at around 6-hours on a single charge.

Sony SRS-X5

Sony SRS-X5 Portable speaker

Coming in with a neat rectangular design that speaks less about itself, the Sony SRS-X5 is one of the best bets for a portable speaker under $100. It’s full and rich sound and comparatively loud sound output can make it easily mistaken for something much more costlier. Buy

Denon Envaya Mini

Denon Envaya Mini Portable speaker

Great, rugged looks and splash-proof, the driver set in the Envaya Mini is quite similar to the ones found in the Bose SoundLink Mini. The overall sound is quite full but it could loose it’s breath and sound balance when the volume is cranked up to full. Buy

UE Boom 2

UE Boom 2 Portable Speaker

The Boom 2 offers a full 360-degree sound while having the advantage of being ruggedly build with a waterproof body. With two 45 mm drivers and two rectangular radiators these speakers can be pumped up to full volume to fill up a large party without the worry of the sound getting lost. The additional plus point is the speaker’s 15-hour battery life. Buy

Bower & Wilkins T7

Bower & Wilkins T7 Portable Speaker

The two 50 mm drivers and the passive radiators installed inside the T7 offer excellent sound reproduction with great, deep bass. While being slightly on the expensive side, the amazing sound output and a solid 18-hour battery life justify every penny spent. These speakers are great for outdoors or to be used as bookshelf units inside the house. Buy

Did we miss out on any other awesome speaker, or is there any speaker that you think should make this list… let us know in the comments below.

Cover image via: The Gadget Flow

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