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November 15th, 2015

This all new MODOBAGfrom a Chicagoan entrepreneur is going to get all the globetrotters in the travelling world a beat faster by pepping up the ‘ride’ to the ticket counter, by almost three times the walking speed of an average humanoid. While the whole app world, etc. are getting their upgrades in own their technological domain to make traveling easy by putting everything in a cell phone, there was one thing was perhaps missed, that everything is going to be dumped in a travelling bag which one has to drag to make it on-time conveniently. And everything which is technologically advanced and fast enough missed by a blink is in vain if it is going to go in a bag.

Hence, here’s a bag which will carry forward the travelling pace not only as it was, but perhaps make it better as far as convenience is also concerned. Thanks to this motorized bag with GPS tracking, Dual USB charging ports with packing capacity of around 2000 cubic inches excluding separate pockets for your automated stuff. Made of High Strength Ballistic Nylon Shell this is categorized in two types primarily based on how much weight this Modobag can take, the Modobag can take around 90 kgs on its shoulders while the Modobag Max can take upto 117 kgs. The Digital Battery Capacity Gauge displays the status of the battery after a full recharge of 3 hours before going on its last leg. Apart from Travel History, the app displays Proximity Alert, Geofencing and many more…

The modbag

Modobag with a rider Modobag interior rendering Modobag features

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