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May 25th, 2017

Who doesn’t dream of driving an exotic or a classic car on the beautiful winding roads of the countryside? An exotic, specially a classic, is a treat for oneself in more than one way. While inside, exotic classic cars are a treat to oneself with the unadulterated throaty roar of the machine from the past. And while you are outside, they are visual masterpieces with flowing curves from an era before all the computer-generated-aerodynamic-fuel-efficient garble. While exotic classic cars are the ultimate expression of unplugged motoring, they are, in most cases, out of reach of most… rare, exclusive and expensive. Thankfully, there’s one company in France that understands this and has created a unique platform to address the situation.

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Roadstr is a car rental company based in Paris, France that only supplies classic cars on rent. France has one of the most diverse countrysides in the whole of Europe that changes from vine growing regions to high snow-covered mountains, something portrayed beautifully in this year’s Tour Auto Optic. Fancy a Ferrari 308GTS to explore the south of France with your date, or want to spruce up those childhood memories by driving with your friend in a DeLorean DMC12? Roadstr are the guys to get in touch with.

How does it work?

Roadstr’s online platform is based on the ingenious fundamentals of collaborative economics. Classic cars are expensive to maintain and run, constantly needing money and repairs. So what’s the best way to keep them tip-top? Rent them and make money while letting other’s feel really, really special, even if it’s for just one day.

It’s sort-of an Airbnb for classic cars, and it’s a brilliant idea. The Roadstr website connects people looking to rent classic cars directly with the owners and let them understand each other’s requirements. Once both sides are satisfied, payments are made, which always include a full-insurance of the car.

Thomas Ceccaldi, Founder and CEO of Roadstr tells us that they currently have more than than 700 classic cars registered with them. These cars range from the aforementioned Ferraris and DeLoreans, to classic Ford Mustangs and Porsches. If you are feeling really special, there’s a Lamborghini Urraco for the taking as well. All these cars come from owners all across France, and are shortlisted for the website’s users according to where they are looking to rent a car from.

Images by Vince Perraud for Roadstr

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