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July 28th, 2016

Remember a time when Formula 1 cars used to be throaty monsters spitting fire and making sounds that could summon demons. Until a few years back modern day Formula 1 cars still sounded and felt like they could bring down thunder, but with the introduction of new fuel regulations came in the muted V6 turbocharged engines. From once being the best sounding machines ever to grace the planet, Formula 1 cars quickly became the worse sounding, and the future doesn’t look any better.

So to get your aural kicks from what car sounds, one has to go back into time and this Ferrari 312B takes you there right away. The 1970 Ferrari 312B was the successor to the 312 which raced from 1966 – 1969. While the 312 used a rather conventional V12 layout, the engine in the 312B was redesigned from ground up. It used 12-cylinders but instead of being arranged in a “V” they were laid out flat. This move not only made the car more efficient but also gave it much better centre of gravity. The 312B graced the return of Jacky Ickx while Clay Regazzioni joined him to compete as a team. While Ickx and Regazzioni met with some success in the 1970 World Championship season, Ferrari was not successful in lifting the constructors championship that year.

The Ferrari 312B was soon to be replaced by the 312B2 and this particular model went into the company’s warehouse, never to race again. That said, Ferrari always kept the car well-oiled for days like these when it could once again rain thunder on a racetrack with its glorious sounding flat-12.

Video courtesy 19bozzy92 on Youtube. Via Road and Track

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