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July 26th, 2017

This place, the garage that holds some of the greatest cars ever to be built is an exquisite art in itself. No wonder that a LaFerrari Aperta suits this insane garage so much.

If the Ferrari LaFerrari was the ultimate of everything Ferrari then it more flamboyant and topless cousin, the LaFerrari Aperta only took everything further. That said, owning a LaFerrari Aperta also happens to be a much rarer event than the hypercar LaFerrari itself. As against a total of only 500 LaFerrari’s ever to be built, the Italian maker will make only 209 examples of this stunning LaFerrari Aperta. Now one of these lucky LaFerrari Aperta owners seems to have understood the art of placing such beauties in a garage to perfection.

As you can see in the below video, the garage itself is a palace worthy of anyone’s dream. This exquisite and insanely awesome setup serves home to other hugely significant Ferrari cars like the 288 GTO, F40, and even an Enzo (Read: The only bare carbon Ferrari Enzo in the world). The owner of these cars want to keep these icons of the past, present and the future as the finest examples of these vehicles in existence. And to make it happen, he has created this world-class garage facility that reminds us that these cars are as fine works of art as they are of automotive engineering’s pinnacle.

This insane Garage is what the LaFerrari Aperta deserves

This garage ‘palace’ spans across 8,500 Sq/Ft. and took around three years to build, and as you can see, exquisite detailing is of paramount importance here. There are over 100 individually designed, crafted, and handmade sculptures representing the history of transportation. Among its other significant additions there is a carousel to display the main vehicle in the collection, which in this case is the LaFerrari Aperta obviously. The video has been produced by the guys at ESOTERIC – Fine Auto Finishing on YouTube, world renowned Highline Automotive Detailing experts. Now enough of the talking and on to the watching… Shall we?

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