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July 28th, 2017

For many a classic air-cooled Porsche 911 is a must have, but this Rally Porsche 911 Safari is for those few who long for more.

This is Bert Houtmann’s Transsyberia Rally Replica Porsche 911 Safari by Erik Brandenburg that should solve all issues surrounding acquiring a Porsche 911 Safari car. The car an ode of sorts towards the German Doctor, Erik Brandenburg, who is known to race Martini liveried Porsche Safari cars throughout the world at historic and modern rallying events during his spare time. This replica of Erik’s Rally Porsche 911 is based on the 1978 Porsche 911 G Safari. Interestingly, the car this Rally Porsche is based on was raced by Erik at the 2007 Transsyberia rally.

Rally Porsche

On the modifications front, this Rally Porsche 911 Safari wears the necessary Martini Logo on its side profile, which looks rather fetching on the base silver grey shade of the car. That said, with the Safari tag on it, it means that this rally Porsche has undergone a number of modifications and improvements that are needed to fully showcase the importance of the tag. Upgrades includes new improved suspension components with extended travel, skid plates made of stainless steel, and new shorter ratios in the gearbox that lends excess power and traction in lower speeds. Along with these modifications, the properly overhauled 3.2-Litre flat-six engine makes more than sufficient 231bhp while the peak torque rating arrives at a pretty good 285Nm.

For those who fancy themselves a Rally Porsche

The car has been listed at James Edition and the asking price is around €129,900 ($151,000) and for that significant sum of money you get a stunning, all-weather rugged classic Rally Porsche 911 Safari that would take over almost everything that you would ever like to travel across. The car is currently to be found in Belgium with about 142000 kilometers on its odo.

Rally Porsche Car

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Rally Porsche

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