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November 3rd, 2016

This Short Film Perfectly Captures The Spirit of Glemseck 101

Glemseck 101 is one of those events which starts with motorcycle talk, and ends with a deep-rooted dive into the world of motorcycle culture – old, new, custom and otherwise. 2016 was the 10-year anniversary of this glorious motorcycle festival which is one of the finest that takes place in the world of motorcycling in Europe. In this melting pot of motoring enthusiasts, motorcycle manufacturers, custom workshops and individuals the free-wheeling spirit of motorcycling is experienced in the most involving and exciting ways possible.

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While there are many new additional events and activities that have found home in Glemseck 101 in recent years, the 1/8 mile drag racing still remains in the centre of it all. To celebrate the same, Ben Ott has created a beautiful short film that brings the 2016 event roaring back to life. The Spirit of Glemseck 101 2016 is a beautiful thing to watch.

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