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March 9th, 2017

This Vintage Land Rover will make you want to head out in search of the perfect coastline in exquisite form.

Nothing is as synonymous with Off-Roading as Land Rovers, the company has been pioneering in building Off-Road machines for as more than half a century. The brand Land Rover was in fact so brilliant in building these incredible go-anywhere machines that it was granted a Royal Warrant by King George VI in the year 1951. The iconic British brand has ever since captured the hearts of all Off-Roading enthusiasts.

The Vintage Land Rover 109 here in question is one of the rather tastefully done projects. The House that has built this is off course Cool & Vintage, the same guys who have previously brought us some really interesting Land Rover builds (Build 1, Build2, Build 3). The Portuguese restoration house upholds its original styling while keeping a thing in the range of sensible practicality. The Beach-Runner holds true to every aspect of its name, being given a fresh lick of light matte yellow, it blends in perfectly with the beach ensemble of the bright sun, blue waters and colourful bikinis. The wheels of the vintage Land Rover is equipped with heavy duty BF Goodrich Mud Tires, to make your drive across the coastline an absolute pleasure, worry not if you happen to splash in some salt water or mud onto your seats when you were busy having a bit too much of fun, as the custom hand made water and UV resistant seats will keep out all the water and sand.

The Land Rover 109 was initially stripped out to its bare chassis and built up from there on to ensure that there is nothing left to chance in bringing out the best of the 109, even the engine and the gearbox are completely original with only 19,000 miles on the clock. As Cool & Vintage says #STOPWAITINGFORFRIDAY, this vintage Land Rover makes you want to head out in search of the coastlines every time you lay your eyes on this exquisitely finished beauty.

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Image Source – Cool & Vintage

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