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on April 7th, 2017

It was the beginning of the season and the passes were just about open. Harsh and I were talking and deciding on our years rides and thats when it hit us that it had been a few years since we had gone up to Leh just for our selfs and not with clients or with an agenda. So we got on the horn with the good peeps at Triumph India and they hooked us up with two motorcycles. The Triumph Tiger XCX 800 and the Triumph Explorer 1200 were to be our steeds for the duration of the ride. We decided to take the Srinagar way up and come down the Manali way as it had been a while since we had been over Zojila Pass as well. 

So we left the maddening heat of Delhi behind and made our way towards the mountains on the Triumph Tiger and what a ride it turned out to be…

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-15

All the kit you need to be ready for an adventure. AGV AX8 Evo Helmet, Sidi Adventure 2 Goretex Boots, Triumph Navigator riding Kit, Sony RX 100, Sony A7S, GoPro and the Viaterra Claw for kick knacks.

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-2

Eenie meenie miney mo… which one should I take and go?

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-5

The Triumph Tiger Explorer is perfect at home in the fields of Punjab as it is on the rough stuff.

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-11

The streets of Kargil comes alive at night with all sorts of great street food.

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-533

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-53366

The roads up Tanglang La get better every year but the wind and the cold still stay the same.. The temperature started dipping into the negative here.

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh

Exploring the many back roads around the city of Leh.

Leh Ladakh Triumph Tiger trip to Leh Ladakh

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-17

The Tigers are totally in their element up here in the higher reaches of the Himalayas.

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-13

The Triumph Tiger is perfect for a little off-road fun every now and then.

Leh Ladakh Helmet Stories

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-6

Triumph Tiger XCX 800 with the Triumph Explorer 1200.

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-10121

As the passes open up is the best time to be travelling down these roads as they are still deviod of the hordes that make this journey in the summer.

Triumph Tiger To Leh Ladakh-132121

Riding the Triumph Tiger XCX 800 on the Leh Ladakh roads. Quite an adventurous ride.

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