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August 3rd, 2015

The Ducati Monster is one of the most iconic motorcycles of the iconic Italian manufacturer. Since it’s inception in 1993 with the Monster M900, the range has seen constant expansion with later models including the company’s superbike engines.

The M900 from 1993 was a 904cc L-twin that pushed out a paltry 66.7bhp and was fuelled by 38mm Mikuni carburettors. Since then the Monster brand has come a long way and today the latest monster 1200 features everything from traction control, multi-mode ABS and pumps out about 135bhp, a lot more than the original.

Over the years, custom bike builders have taken a sensual liking to this Italian beauty and have worked on the motorcycle’s design with their custom versions that carry a bespoke visual appeal. We have compiled a collection of the best, most beautifully designed monsters from the past two decades that will blow your Monday blues right out of the window.

1. Ducati Monster MS4R by Paolo Tesio

Paolo Tesio’s approach to the 2003 Monster S4R is a aggressive naked motorcycle that totally winds you up when looking at it’s exposed mechanicals. This monster gets an updated Showa rear suspension, updated seat, steering damper, custom exhaust that enhances the sound coming out of the 996cc, L-Twin.

More on Paolo Tesio here.

2. M900 by Hazan Motorworks

LA-based Hazan Motorworks is one of the very few builders around the world who have insane emphasis on art of motorcycle design. This allows them to create visual delights that are like no other. With the M900, Hazan decides to take a minimalistic approach. That is further helped by the fact that the motorcycle is a air-cooled model, thus showing less mechanical complexity and more room to be creative.

See more of Hazan’s works here.

3. Flat Red II by JvB-Moto

Flat Red II is the second coming of the original Flat Red concept designed by German motorcycle builder Jens vom Brauck or JvB. This machine is all about handcrafted metalwork combined with some of the best performance parts money can buy. This custom machine based on the Ducati Monster 1100 is no slouch in performance or style.

Visit JvB Moto website here.

4. Mostro Della Strada by Stradafab

Whats been done here is someone imagining a Monster before it’s time. Stradafab’s design takes the monster towards a hint of retro in the looks department. But underneath, its all bull. Randy Martin, the man behind Stradafab went on to design his own custom, lightweight titanium chassis and carbon fibre bits to make this Ducati Monster S4RS 40lb lighter than the stock, so it’s quite fast too.

More on Stradafab here.

5. Ducati Monster 1100 EVO “Rat Army”

The “Rat Army” Monster 1100 evo is the result of a collaboration between Moscow’s best- Timokhin Custom Design (TCD), Fitil DMC and GRHV. The motorcycle brings out the absolute raw nature of Ducati with handcrafted aluminium coated with transparent lacquer. The machine brings out the classy race bike styling with upgraded bits from all the current-gen Ducatis together.

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