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October 23rd, 2015

Within an year of its launch, the Ducati Scrambler has gathered a cult following among light motorcycle enthusiasts, beginners and custom bike builders. Its relatively easy handling, low cost of ownership and a fun-inducing 803 cc Ducati L-Twin have quickly given it a global appeal. Ducati has been selling more of these bikes than any other motorcycle they have in the range. With an year since its launch, there are some pretty incredible builds that are out there today, some of which we think are the absolute best.

Hero 01 by Holographic Hammer

Place of Origin: Paris, France

Talent: Sylvain & Florent Berneron

2015 Ducati Scramber Custom Build by Holographic Hammer Right Side Profile

Holographic Hammer’s brain Sylvain Berneron is popular for designing some of the most radial and amazing concept motorcycles ever seen. While as design concepts they are great, not every concept design of his gets commissioned or built. So Sylvain and his brother Florent set about to open their own full-service workshop. The Hero 01 Ducati Scrambler is the first build they have officially put together. The build was commissioned by Ducati itself, in collaboration with a French magazine Moto Heroes.

Holographic Hammer | Website | Facebook

Showstopper by Marcus Walz

Place of Origin: Schwetzingen, Germany

Talent: Marcus Walz

2015 Ducati Scramber Custom Build by Marcus Walz Right Side

Marcus Walz is the man who brought us the beautiful Aryton Senna tribute Moto Guzzi last year. For 2015, the ace builder gets his hands around a brand new Ducati Scrambler that belong to the Christoph Werner Vice President of Intermot (the same motor show which launched the Scrambler to the world). Werner was more interested in performance than design (which is nothing short of perfect) , so the legendary Walz went straight to the performance bits. He took down the engine, ported the heads, put new pistons, rods, valves and cams and a balanced crank, all resulting in the Scrambler turning out 100 horsepower on the dyno. For better handling, Walz installed Ohlins from a Ducati 1199 Panigale at the front while the rear shock is a mixture of components from over 12 different Ohlins units. The build consists of many other tasty bits which can be looked into details in this full feature by BikeEXIF

Marcus Walz | Website | Facebook

Gulf Tracker by Sheffield Motorcycle Centre

Place or Origin: Sheffield, United Kingdom2015 Ducati Scramber Custom Build Gulf Tracker by Sheffield Motorcycle Centre

While not the most holistic approach to custom building, this dealer build motorcycle has a stunning livery that grabbed our attention. The Ducati Scrambler is already a very lively motorcycle, something only enhanced by this playful Gulf-inspired livery and the up-swept exhaust.

Pirelli SC-Rumble by Vibrazioni Art Design

Place of Origin: Massa Lombarda RA, Italy

Talent: Vibrazioni

2015 Ducati Scramber Custom Build Pirell SC-Rumble by Vibrazioni Art Design Right Side Profile

Big boys coming together means a bigger budget. When the big boys are Ducati and Pirelli, and the motorcycle is the very stylish Ducati Scrambler, things are expected to be taken to a ballistic level. Vibrazioni Art Design was called in for the build, and the resulting build, the SC-Rumble is one of the most unconventional builds ever seen. The chassis on the Scrambler has been shortened and the wheelbase extended while metal sheets recovered from industrial bins have been hammered and shaped to form the tank and body panels. This is the wild one.

Vibrazioni Art Design | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Ducati Scrambler #1 by LiberoMoto

Place of Origin: Bangkok, Thailand

Talent: LiberoMoto

2015 Ducati Scramber Custom Build Pirell Number 1 by LiberoMoto Right Front Three Quarters

LiberoMoto takes a different approach to the Scrambler build process. Their approach aligns more with the ones taken by Ducati, which involves offering a “plug and play” kit for customers. In this build, LiberoMoto offers thirty unique parts as a package that includes a full system SC Project exhaust, Rizoma handebars, Ohlins suspensions, windscreen, headlight grille, tank cap, bar end mirrors, engine and transmission protection and lot more. The entire list of mods can be seen on their Facebook page.

Do you like our selection of motorcycles in this article or do you think we missed something interesting ? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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