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With the snow melting and the spring sun looming over the beautiful expanses of Europe, Peter Auto gets their motoring season started with the Tour Auto Optic 2000; what can easily classify as one of the best classic car grand tours on the entire continent of Europe.

Why you may ask? During the 5-days of Tour Auto (April 24 – April 29, 2017), drivers who start from the beautiful grand setting of Grand Palais in Paris, drive through the French countryside… From the northern province of Brittany towards the Pyrenees through Pays de la Loire and Aquitaine region towards the South West of France. While on the grand tour, drivers stop over at historic racing circuits across France, that include Le Mans, Circuit du va de Vienne, Circuit D’Albi and Circuit de pau Arnos, before landing on the beautiful sunny beaches of Biarritz.

It’s the vast variety of terrain that the drivers of Tour Auto Optic 2000 encounter on their journey through France that entices some pretty special people, as well as the ones who are in the thick of motoring. Enough has been said, let the photos take you on an epic journey through France where the cars once again re-create the magic of the golden years of motoring.

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