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August 6th, 2018

Would you have ever imagined that it would be an American who would bring together a Frenchman and an Indian? Well, this is our world today, strange things happen. But I am glad to report, it was all for the greatest of experiences. I have been chatting to Antoine for almost 3 years now, we never spoke on the phone, we never saw each other face to face. Here on ColumnM, Antoine doesn’t need any introduction. You can click on every second article in the features section and be sure to come across his amazing photography from events all across Europe, and even some from America.

When I told Antoine that I am on my way to Paris, it was a distinctly French subdued level of enthusiasm that I could sense on the other side to finally meet. It was the next day after I reached Paris that Antoine would finish his office schedule and we would meet at a pre-decided place. I thought, it would be a little tête-à-tête over some French, but really Italian espresso and before nightfall. But my French colleague had something else in mind. We got into our cars and were soon heading towards a super secret garage somewhere under the urban landscape of Paris. This garage was something else. I wish I could say more, but just to tickle your imagination… its some place that is the size of half a football field and 3 floors, packed to every nook and corner with eye-watering gorgeous cars!

We walked towards a certain American that Antoine wanted me to meet. Its name was Mustang, and it came from 1969. A little bit of this, a little bit of that (those who known old cars, please feel free to fit your own cold start rituals here), and the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 fired to fill the desolate parking lot with its V8 rumble.

At 5.8-litres, this machine has nothing skimmed on it. It’s proper old-school. It’s Oil and grease, with zero tolerance to aid novices, and no regard to noise levels… By the time the Mustang warmed up, we were hovering around the centre of Paris. It’s a challenging place to drive, specially for a big car like the Mach 1. Tourists everywhere, trying to soak in the grandeur of this place. They prefer look at the buildings, and not so much on the roads. This problem, was temporary for us though. As Antoine stepped on the throttle, everyone in a 50 meter radius understood that apart from the French architecture, there’s a burbling American just lurking around the corner.

Antoine showed me around Paris in the best possible way I could ever imagine… in a Mach 1 Mustang! As the sun reached closer to the horizon, we both being photographers, knew that this was our chance to bring Paris, and the Mustang closer to those who appreciate our work. It’s not easy to find a quiet corner near the touristy place, but we somehow did… and while we look some photos, we were happy to let passers by enjoy the timeless Mustang, parked under the Parisian sunset, with the Eiffel tower in background. Perfect!

*Antoine has written about his Mach 1 Mustang before on ColumnM. If you wish to read more about his car, do click here.

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