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September 19th, 2016

The Mighty Toyota Corolla Celeberates 50-years

Some names just keep on pilling records after records under their belt. The Toyota Corolla is one such iconic nameplate that has been dominating the sales charts all over the world since 1966. With over 43 million Toyota Corolla cars sold in last 50 years, this humble, smart and build to last Toyota has been since long the world’s all-time best-selling car and it is for certain that this legend won’t die anytime soon.

Toyota Corolla Generation 1 - 1966

Toyota Corolla Generation 1 – 1966

When the Japanese behemoth launched the first ever Toyota Corolla at Japan in 1966, it was an instant hit. It did not take long before Toyota had to ramp up its production to meet the rising demand. In practically no time, the first year’s 480,000 units production was increased to a million cars a year production. The Corolla took its JDM dominance to North America in 1968 as manufacturing operations began in Malaysia and Australia around the same time also. AT present, The Toyota Corolla is being manufactured at 16 plants across the globe and the 11 generations strong nameplate keeps ticking the record numbers year on year. As far as importance goes, the Toyota Corolla has been of incredible significance for the parent company, in fact, 1 out of every 5 Toyota’ sold in the company’s 79 year long history has been a Corolla.

Toyota Corolla Generation 2 - 1970

Toyota Corolla Generation 2 – 1970

The Toyota Corolla also happens to be Toyota’s second longest-running nameplate after the iconic Land Cruiser while at the same time being the eight-longest running nameplate of the automobile industry. The other legendary nameplates in the list being, the Chevy Suburban and Corvette, Ford F-Series and Mustang, Mercedes SL, Porsche 911 and the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota Corolla Generation 11 - 2016

Toyota Corolla Generation 11 – 2016

To celebrate the 50th Birthday of its superstar, Toyota has already embarked on a yearlong celebration journey across the world that started in March 2016. And in case you would like to know more about this legend and how the Japanese company is going to celebrate the 50 Years of Toyota Corolla, you can visit here. And do not forget to let us know which Generation of the Toyota Corolla you have loved the most in the comments section below.

Toyota Corolla Generation 1 and 11

Toyota Corolla Generation 1 and 11

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