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December 28th, 2015

Even though this Triumph Bonneville ‘Moose’ may sound a breed between the British and the native from the Eurosia or the Northern America; it actually comes from the land down under for giving the world kangaroos and Uggs. What it is definitely, is a head-turner that comes from Australian bike builders Mean Machines. Like it happens quite a few times with real rockstars that the their original numbers are sometimes compiled over a phone call, something of that sort happened over at Mean Machine with Wenley Andrews who is the brain behind this Triumph Bonneville project. The time when Wenley picked up this Bonneville and was thinking of transforming it into something special, is when he also found the source of inspiration or the idea and support to make it happen.

Triumph Bonneville 'Moose' by Mean Machines

One of those first things you’ll not only notice but start adoring in a uncanny way about this Triumph Bonneville is the retro-looking, sexy,  in baby-blue colour, sporting an eggshell shaped tank with cream GT stripes with gold accents escorting Wenley’s signature ‘Mean’ on both the sides. While this classic looking cafe racer was made from a new Bonnie, its headlights resemble one from their cruiser series, the frame is away from the 180-section rear tire by just six-centimetres, where the aggressive looking tail accompanies the overall chrome of the bike’s cocktail shaker pipes which hadn’t moved a beat at Wenley’s garage. Later on, at the front, the forks were blackened and then fitted with custom black fork sleeves and a classic Amal style ribbed rubber grips on the handlebars with the stock reservoir position off the bars. It definitely takes a lot of sweat and blood to not only build a bike like this but to get what’s in your head or mind down to real time.

Time for some pictures, once you are done, you can also check out our list of Top 5 Triumph Bonneville Custom Builds.

Triumph Bonneville 'Moose' by Mean Machines Triumph Bonneville 'Moose' by Mean Machines Triumph Bonneville 'Moose' by Mean Machines Triumph Bonneville 'Moose' by Mean Machines

H/T: Pipeburn. Photos by Manny Tamayo

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