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April 13th, 2016

There is this freedom attached to motorcycling, and there is nothing that signifies it more than having your own custom build motorcycle proving to be an extension of your personality and acting as a statement you give to the world. Thus, no wonder motorcycle custom builds have attained a special iconic status in the hearts of motorcyclists through ages. And when we talk about iconic status, then there can be a few motorcycles that can claim to be as iconic and legendary as the Triumph Bonneville Scrambler, a motorcycle that has been an epitome of ‘cool’ since ages.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Great Escape by COOLmotorcycles Front three quarter

Add to that the spectacular history of Triumph Bonneville Scrambler of starring in movies that have gone to become legendary and you have a perfect recipe for a custom build that is both nostalgic and incredibly captivating at the same time. Something just like this has been created by COOLmotorcycles from Cádiz, who decided to give homage to the famous 1963 movie by the name ‘The Great Escape’ by creating a custom Triumph Bonneville Scrambler. The movie starred none other than the legendary Steve McQueen along with James Garner and Richard Attenborough and revolved around the true story of prisoners who escaped from a German POW camp during WWII. What the motorcyclists remember this movie is for that sequence where the character, Hilts, played by McQueen made an escape while riding a German army motorcycle, which was actually a Triumph.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Great Escape by COOLmotorcycles Tank Emblem

Now to pass on their respect to the movie and the sequence, the guys at COOLmotorcycles decided to go for a more visually appealing paint scheme than the one from the movie making the bike look cool enough to make you want to get caught riding this bike unlike McQueen’s character in the movie, that is. The build headed by Javier Alvarez, owner of COOLmotorcycles, who is also an official Triumph Motorcycle Dealer and a passionate motorcyclist who proudly tells that, ‘we do not sell motorcycles; we sell passion, feelings and sensations’.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Great Escape by COOLmotorcycles Headlight Shroud

Aided by a team of equally talented and dedicated enthusiasts, Alvarez gave the ‘Great Escape’ build everything that we would like to see a custom Bonnie of our dreams. You will find top-notch stuff like the famous Motogadget Classic speedometer along with a Norman Hyde fork brace at the front, Joker Machine rear view mirrors, Oury grips which are a beautiful sight to behold and Fehling bars.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Great Escape by COOLmotorcycles Joker Machine Design Sproket Cover

This is not all, a bike that gives an ode to a great escape needs great suspension and for the same the upgraded suspension uses Andreani fork springs and Öhlins shocks for the rear. With more Joker Machine designs such as Carburettor caps, sprocket covers and shift lever along with Mas Engineering’s chain guard, the ‘Great Escape’ is a detailing classic.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Great Escape by COOLmotorcycles Oury Grips

Going further, no Triumph is complete without the presence of Arrow exhaust system these days, and the Great Escape uses Arrow’s 2-1 high pipes helping it sound like it should.

Triumph Bonneville Scrambler Great Escape by COOLmotorcycles 2 in 1 Arrow Pipes

The bike also wears capable Continental TKC80’s tires which are dual purpose and fitting for the job, while the seat is from the popular Ton-up-Garage.  And if that is not all, the painted JVB Moto front and rear mudguards and the headlight shroud provide this build an authentic yet classically cool aura.

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