When it comes to absolute classic motorcycle appeal, we reckon there is no motorcycle that can ever replace the legend of the Triumph Bonneville line up, and the Triumph Bonneville T140 in particular. For almost 5 decades, the Triumph Bonneville T140 has been the perfect classic retro machine that has made many fell in love with its evergreen style and undeniable road presence. Powered by a larger 750cc engine, the Triumph Bonneville T140 replace the Triumph Bonneville T120 in the 70’s and was produced till 1983 when the company went bankrupt.

1973 Triumph Bonneville T140

The T140 used a 360-degree, air-cooled 750cc parallel twin engine that had gear driven camshafts that operated a single inlet and exhaust valve in each cylinder via pushrods. The fuel supply was taken care by two Amal carburettors while the crankshaft drove the clutch through a triplex chain operating in an oil bath. Initially the Triumph Bonneville T140 came with a kick starter; however, it was changed to an electric starter in the later versions. The transmission was taken care by a five speed sequential gearbox while the bike had a dry sump lubrication system while the frame of the Triumph Bonneville T140 served as the engine oil reservoir.

1973 Triumph Bonneville T140 Side

Saying that, one of our favourite shops dealing in restoration and ale of classic and vintage bikes, Legend Motors has just listed a 1973 Triumph Bonneville T140 in a brilliant state of tune for EUR 9800 and looking at these pictures, the bike truly justifies the price tag. Legend Motors, a small shop in the niche busy market streets of the District of Lille is owned by Christophe who is helped by his team of highly skilled members who are masters of restoring and rebuilding almost all classic and vintage bikes one can think off.

1973 Triumph Bonneville T140 Rear

For this particular 1973 Triumph Bonneville T140, Legend Motors continue their brilliant work by bringing this beauty back to its period correct form. And as per Legend Motors this particular 1973 Triumph Bonneville T140 was purchased in Canada, restored in the US and then was serviced by Legend Motors and has now been listed for sale at the shop at the aforementioned price. Legend Motors say that this1973 Triumph Bonneville T140 a machine that offers real driving comfort, excellent handling, and good reliability.

In case you would want to know more about this 1973 Triumph Bonneville T140, then you can visit Legend Motors or you can ask us whatever you feel like about the world of automobiles in the comments section below.

1973 Triumph Bonneville T140 Logo

1973 Triumph Bonneville T140 Tank

Triumph Bonneville T140

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