November 18th, 2016

Scramblers are designed to handle situations where normal paved roads end and dirt begins. A scrambler isn’t something that can be really bought since the idea behind such creating such a machine is very personal and the setup depends on the beating they are going to take. While so, motorcycle manufacturers haven’t shied away from bringing their own versions of scramblers to market which they think are best tuned for the sort of riding their customers would enjoy doing. While Triumph recently announced their own Street Scrambler that is based on the Street Twin, Ducati is trying to offer their in numerous flavours, off which the latest and the most advanced is the Scrambler Desert Sled.

By now, it’s quite clear that modern classic motorcycles are heading in a direction where a single platform would serve as the base for developing variants that are firstly highly customisable as well as address to different kind of needs. With the Triumph Street Twin, the company has showcased the same by bringing out the Triumph Street Scrambler as well as the gorgeous looking Triumph Street Cup cafe racer. Similarly, BMW has used their R NineT to present customers with the R NineT Cafe Racer along with the R NineT pure, while Ducati has gone berserk and possibly lost count of all the Ducati Scrambler models that they currently have. It’s a great time to look to buy a modern classic as one can find something that closely matches their needs, a point Honda is clearly missing out with their updated CB1100RS

While the Triumph Street Scrambler that is coming 2017 is something that you can pick right off the dealership floor, it surely hasn’t stopped riders Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha from using their own creativity to create something a little more personal. Their versions of the Scrambler are based on the 2017 Triumph Street Twin which then gets a scramble inspiration kit along with Garage7 front forks and skid plate to help them endure even tougher situations. The result are two motorcycles that are built for the rough stuff and show some impressive hardcore off-road action in the middle of the deserts of Moab, Utah and the forests of Tijeras, New Mexico.

Seeing the video, I am totally pumped about the Triumph Street Scrambler. I really want the excitement and the rush from doing all that incredible riding that Ernie and Nick do in the video. However, I suspect that my skill set on a motorcycle would allow me to come even remotely close to what these blokes are suggesting, but it’s good to know that there’s a machine that can do it when needed while being something that can use to pop up to the shops as well.

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