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May 8th, 2017

Dustin Kott has devoted himself to the world of Honda CB series motorcycles. His focus on the Universal Japanese Motorcycle platform that brought a revolution in how people look at motorcycles back in the 60s and early 70s has captured his imagination since he was a child. His specialised focus on creating period-correct custom builds combined with the philosophy of simplifying a machine to its most functional form was noticed last year by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who commissioned a beautiful Triumph Thruxton cafe racer from him. His latest project returns him to the CB series with the Honda CB550 Cafe Racer Four and is called the U.K. 550.

The U.K. 550, as the name might suggest is build based on the Honda CB550 Four for a client based in the U.K. For creating this Honda CB550 cafe racer, Dustin wanted to take inspiration from old English racing motorcycles; for which he used a Suzuki GS 650 fuel tank. The larger proportions of the Suzuki tank when combined with the minimal seat and rear subframe of the build give the entire motorcycle a forward momentum.

Dustin, who is based in Los Angeles, also wanted to infuse a a little American influence to the Honda cafe racer. To achieve this, he modified the four-into-one exhaust muffler into a shortened slash cut style. But since the motorcycle was to be used in accordance to English sound and emission standards, Dustin further added custom baffles to the muffler so that the bike stay road legal, yet have the brunt menacing sound that would go with its overall character.

Once these aspects were taken care of, Dustin moved to the finer details. The speedometer mounting system for instance, is a proprietary unit that incorporates the gauge as well as the neutral and indicator lights. For finishing touches, Excel shouldered wheels and Avon Venom tyres were added, along with a classic maple maroon leather on the seat which gives the completed Honda CB550 Cafe racer a completely distinct look like none other out there.

For more information of Kott Motorcycles: Website | Instagram

All photos by Alexander Martino. Website | Instagram

UK550 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by Kott Motorcycles UK550 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by Kott Motorcycles 2 UK550 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer by Kott Motorcycles 3 UK550 Honda CB550 Four by Kott Motorcycles


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