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September 7th, 2016

It is expected that Glemseck101 would bring forth a vast array of wild motorcycles each year to the former Solitude racetrack in western Stuttgart, but this year’s event brings forth a very special machine that looks like nothing you might have ever seen or expected. The unique build comes from Berlin-based builder Urban Motor as an entry into Glemseck’s inaugural Essenza sprint event. What we have here is a 1964 Jawa 350 that breaks every rule in the book about how custom motorcycles are expected to be built. The result is a bespoke, gorgeous build that leaves us wide-eyed in disbelief that a design like such is even possible.

Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Right Side Profile

Peter Dannenberg, the owner at Urban Motor built the “EASY” Jawa 350 in collaboration with designer Henry Schulze and Marvin Diehl from KRT Framework. The design of the machine speaks bespoke minimalism, while looking like something that would have been build in the 50s and 60s, but with the precision of modern designing and craftsmanship. The Jawa 350’s sleek full metal jacket bodywork has been designed by Peter and executed by KRT’s Marvin. It wraps around Marvin’s custom made frame that cradles the 350cc two-stroke engine of the Jawa as tightly as possible to give a unbelievably slim top profile. The custom built forks uniquely integrate the handlebar are also custom made by KRT along with the custom gold painted swingarm painted that holds EASY’s ridiculously skinny rear wheel in place. The 350cc Jawa engine gets a complete overhaul and is given a new voice via in-house fabricated short exhausts, which by our guess would be plenty loud.

Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Front Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Rear Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Top View Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Wheel

The 1964 Jawa 350 “EASY” is not so much for outright speed machine as it is for the way it presents itself. It is the perfect example of modern motorcycle art that takes inspiration from a century of motor culture. It is a build that focuses purely on the visual experience (and excitement) that a bespoke machine should provide. And while its 18bhp engine might be able to get you places, the best way to appreciate the beauty of EASY is though a comfortable chair with a glass of wine and solitude to marvel its gorgeous design.

Images by Tim Adler. HT: Bike Exif

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Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Front With Rider Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Front Left Quarters Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Seat Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Rear Right Quarters Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Front Forks Jawa 350 by Urban Motors Engine Jawa 350 by Urban Motors REarsets

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