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on September 23rd, 2016

Venturi VBB 3 Becomes the World’s Fastest Electric Vehicle

Cars that are being run purely on electricity are becoming faster and faster by the day. Tesla’s new car proved exactly that by claiming to be the world’s fastest accelerating production car. And now, the Venturi VBB 3 has extended the envelop on how fast battery powered machines could go.

Venturi VBB 3 Rear Right Quarter

Venturi VBB 3 Electric Streamliner

The Venturi VBB 3 is a battery powered car that produces an equivalent 3,000 horsepower has just set two new FIA recognised land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Also known as the Buckeye Bullet, the VBB-3 set a new top speed record of 341.4mph (549.43kmph). It also set a new two way land speed record for electric vehicles with a recorded average speed of 358mph (576kmph). That truly is an achievement for a vehicle powered solely by electricity.

Venturi VBB 3 Left Side

The Venturi VBB 3 produces 3,000 horsepower

Venturi VBB 3 Top View

But this isn’t the first time that Venturi has been associated with Speed. The Monaco-based powertrain manufacturer that also run a Formula E team has been setting new speed records since 2009, when the company became the first to take an electric vehicle over the speed of 300mph (483kmph). They then returned in 2010 with the Venturi VBB-2.5 which set another electric vehicle land speed record at 307mph (495kmph). The Venturi VBB 3 is the third generation of the company’s streamliner that was actually completed in 2013, but due to bad weather conditions at Bonneville Salt Flats, it had to wait till 2016 to attempt at the record.

Venturi VBB 3 Open Venturi VBB 3 Landspeeder Batteries

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