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November 8th, 2016

Video Compilation From Land Rover Discovery Owners Clubbed Together Is Fantastic

Every Land Rover model that has ever come out carries its own legacy with it. While the firestarter was the iconic Defender, which it would always be, the Land Rover Discovery has brewed up its own cult of fan following from around the world too. Starting off in 1989, the Land Rover Discovery Owners clubbed together then to go adventure hunting to the corners of Earth with the Camel Trophy. And since then, like the Defender, the Discovery hasn’t looked back at all.

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2014 marked 25-years since the Land Rover Discovery was launched. In this quarter-decade of its existence, the off-roader from Solihull has been the pride of its owners who continue to wander in every direction on this planet. So in 2014, when Land Rover wanted to make a video that would commemorate 25-years of the Discovery, they thought that the best way of showcasing the capability of the machine was by compiling 25-years of footage from Land Rover Discovery owners. This footage might not be in HD, but coming from 25 different countries over a period of 25-years, it is the best way of expressing the lifestyle and incredible adventures that come as a part of owning the elaborate SUV.

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