December 17th, 2014

The Dakar Rally is one of the most gruelling tests for man and machine. It is a true test of a rider’s physical endurance and mental strength as he travels alone over difficult off-road terrains continuously for 10 days, covering more than 9000 kms. Honda at one point had set out to conquer the rally and had their successful run. Between 1986 and 1989, they clinched four consecutive titles at the Dakar with riders Cyril Neveu, Edi Orioli and Gillies Lalay putting the Japanese manufacturer on the podium onboard the Honda NXR800V.

Its been 25 years since and Honda is set out to recapture the glory. In the video, True Adventure – Episode One: The Dream, Honda recaptures the glory days in its essence of competition, survival and winning the Dakar Rally in the words of people who were there to witness the experience first-hand, including five-time winner Cyril Neveu. The series coincides with the unveiling of the True Adventure prototype at EICMA earlier this year, giving a hint that the video series would conclude with an official unveiling of the bike early next year.

In the video, the riders describe the loneliness that sets in when riding in the middle of the desert, all alone. Their only companion are the machines they ride, creating a bonding and trust. While this is the first in a series of episodes, stay tuned for more on the Honda’s True Adventure story.

Hit the link below to watch Honda’s True Adventure – Episode 1:

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