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December 10th, 2014

While the months of winter with all the snow around is such a killjoy for any sort of thinkable motoring fun, its also quite a dull time indoors when it comes to watching decent motorsport action on TV, apart from one mega event, the Dakar Rally. While most of the teams and manufacturers are busy testing their cars and bike for the next season of racing, the guys at Dakar are the ones who are early to rise, eager for some desert blasting action.

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As with most forms of motorsport, Red Bull Racing is always associated at the top with the best people in the sport. In a video dubbed as “Guardians of Dakar” the energy drinks company shows off the talented french gentlemen in their cowboy avatar as the guardians who would protect the Dakar trophies from leaving the Red Bull stable. There is fantastic action making them look like the trained and experienced killers from the movie Expendable, as they carry on their rampage over vast sections of broken, generally undriveable terrains.

The video star studded cast lines up from the 11-time championship winner Stephane Peterhansel, World Rally Champion and legend Carlos Sainz, 2014 motorcycle-class winning rider Marc Coma and many others. The video also includes the latest additions to Red Bull’s team, the monsterous looking Peugeot 2008 DKR racers.

Hit the video below to watch the film:

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