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April 8th, 2017

As we progress with new developments in the motorcycle safety industry, we are often bombarded with kick-starters and newcomers having strange and weird ideas to promote safety for riders. In the flock of many safety products, here is a revolutionary motorcycle helmet that may attract attention because of its design and features. Make way for the VOZZ RS 1.0 motorcycle helmet, an innovative strapless designed helmet to protect your head during an accident.

The Australian helmet manufacturer VOZZ has designed this helmet after spending years of research in motorcycle accidents, rider comfort, and rider safety. The clip-shut locking mechanism can withstand pressure during impact; it does not require straps to keep it secured. The safety standards backing this motorcycle helmet are valid in Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe. To increase visibility at night, the VOZZ RS 1.0 motorcycle helmet comes with a clear visor; however, a tinted visor is also available having quick release capabilities.

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The VOZZ RS 1.0 smooth flowing lines ensures there is less wind noise inside the helmet. In addition, the shape of the helmet wraps comfortably around your skull instead of other conventional designs that have flat bottom edges. It also has a quick release mechanism at the front of the helmet that enables paramedics to easily access the head without making any movement to the rider’s neck. From a design point of view, the VOZZ RS 1.0 motorcycle helmet looks cool, but in terms of safety and comfort, I think the need of straps is necessary. The main reason backing my claim is that cheek pads tend to lose its shape on regular usage; therefore, the helmet may become unstable and may easily come off during impact if there are no straps.

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