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July 15th, 2017

Los Angeles – based firm Vulcan Innova has created a perfect collector’s item for the table-top-machine-lover, the Vulcan Innova VI52 watch winder. A limited edition of 52 units, watch winder that’s built into a BMW engine block. And not just any engine block, but the BMW M52 straight six engine, used in the legendary E36 M3.

The watch winder is made to accommodate six different automatic watches to keep them ready for use. The pistons have been re-engineered to accept a timepiece into the underside and have it docked inside the piston chamber. The Pistons submerge into the cylinder block when it needs to secure and pop up majestically at a push of a button. It comes with six individual high-grade stepper motors that give it a quiet and controllable movement. The VI52 watch winder can be customised to calibrate winding for particular timepieces and has eight distinct winding modes for each watch that can be programmed using a button located on each cylinder. Two generic pre-set modes that wind all the watches at the same rate is available.

To customise the Vulcan Innova VI52 watch winder, there are countless options available as well. One can order their’s with either in a M3 block that’s finished as-cast, paint or chrome-painted, with more options too. Even the piston finish can be specified, and also the colour and grade of leather along with the LED indicator that’s present on each cylinder. For more information, head over to the company’s website.

Images via Vulcan Innova

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