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October 2nd, 2015

Ok, not the best thing if you are looking for power-morning experience, but if the mood tells you that you would like to ease it in and slowly take things coming your way, relax your body and mind, then this new coffee from the House of Jane is just the right thing for you.

The Cannabis K-cups are as good as it gets for your wake and bake needs. The K-cups are caffeinated roasted coffee infused with the good-ol mary jane that provide a great flavour to your morning high experience. The flavours available range from medium, light and dark roast to both mocha and decaf blends with 20 mg of sativa. The beauty of the whole thing is that due to the flavour and aroma of coffee, the brew does not smell like marijuana or leave a nasty after taste.

House of Janes Cannabis Infused Coffee K Cups

Currently these marijuana infused K-cups are available throughout dispensaries in California, but the company has plans to soon start distributing in Navada as well. To get you an even better high, House of Jane also plans to bring a marijuana-infused vanilla frappuccino to the market next summer.

Apart from Cannabis-infused coffee, The House of Jane also makes weed infused hot and cold teas.

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